icYouth is all about students. Our goal is to provide an environment for your teenager to think, believe, and practice... together. The seven years of middle school and high school can be challenging as new ideas, academic stress, and relationships all become more prevalent; students are trying to figure out who they are and what life is all about. Each time we gather together we want them to feel accepted, loved, and supported as they navigate all of it, and we want to do that consistently. So we've put together a team of volunteers with huge hearts and listening ears, ready to help your student make their relationship with Jesus their own.


There are several environments for 6th-8th grade students to engage, get involved, and be challenged in. They'll find life-long friends as they search for answers to the question: who am I? 

middle school Environments

  • jam: sunday mornings  

    9:00 & 11 AM

    Sunday morning is an opportunity for students to be together, have a snack, play some games, and hear a message that is applicable to their lives on a weekly basis. We've built JAM with a middle school student in mind who is coming to Immanuel for the first time with their friend or family. You'll find us in the Lower Auditorium of the B-building...or you can just follow the sound!

  • identity: wednesday nights

    7-8:30 PM

    See Summer Schedule below

    Wednesday nights are all about getting connected and making friendships that will last forever. In addition to some great teaching, we add a small group component for discussion and building relationships. Students get partnered with a group of leaders that are committed to listening, answering questions, and praying for their students on a regular basis.

  • icSPORTS Onward 7-8th Grade

    Students grades 7-8 can participate in the icSports programs now known as the Onward League.  Registration for the 2019 Season is now open. Get updated information HERE.

middle school events


    High schoolers are under a lot of pressure to make all  kinds of choices. Should I go to that party? What college should I choose? How will I impact the world? Is my faith my own or my parents?  At Immanuel, our leaders provide a safe and consistent environment for students to ask these questions. We also believe many of the answers are found with one another.



      6-7:30 PM

      IMPACT is an environment where high school students come to think, to believe, to practice...together. We use music, skits, engaging teaching, ridiculous games, and more to help create an unforgettable experience every week. If you've never been to an IMPACT before, let us know and we'll help you get plugged in right away! 


      Starts up September 8

    • Summer TRIPS 2019

      Next summer students will be given the opportunity to participate

      in one of the following trips: Wilderness trip, Youthworks, or Haiti. 

      More details will be available as the summer approaches.

      See information on Summer 2019 trips below.

    • icsports forward 9th-12th Grades

      Students grades 9-12 can participate in the icSports Upward programs now known as the Forward League. Registration for the 2019 Season is now open. 

      Get updated information HERE.  

    High school events